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. >> budget for the pentagon and other programs will be slashed next year. republicans and democrats said they will try to avoid that at all costs. we found while it could spell financial disaster, many people don't know what the fiscal cliff means to them. ktvu's tom vacar is live with how the outcome could effect all of us. >> reporter: the railroad is upgrading the tracks. but we are near the fiscal cliff. >> reporter: do you know what the fiscal cliff is? >> i don't. >> reporter: do you know what the fiscal cliff is? >> the fiscal cliff? no. i haven't heard of that. >> i haven't a clue what a fiscal cliff is. >> never heard of that term. >> reporter: you will and soon. >> enormous changes that are scheduled to happen around new year's day. >> the president and congress passed a law. absent a deal, tax increases for everyone. massive budget cuts and a reduction of the federal budget. >> large cuts in defense spending. large cuts in non-defense spending. what that means is the government will buy fewer things. hundreds of billions of dollars less. >> reporter: government will have less
sensitive information. people we talked with today say the seal should have followed pentagon rule. >> if you want to play the game you have to play by the rules. they accepted the rules. so i think maybe it's slightly an overreaction these guys are obviously very brave and heroic. but they still have to play by the rules. >> the members of seal team six including one who reportedly participated in the bin laden raid were reprimanded and docked pay. >>> as the nation pauses to honor our military veterans this sunday a report shows veterans have been hit with what you might call a triple whammy. u.s. military members have lived through two wars overseas and a recession at home. the report found that that's led to several big problems. homelessness with almost 70,000 veterans living on the street. access to mental healthcare at a time when the suicide rate among veterans is soaring is difficult. >> sometimes veterans from iraq and afghanistan are so traumatized they t can be difficult for them to function in normal society. tonight a story about a unique program for veterans that inc
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2